Ring Pillow Wedding Tart
@ Rp 150.000,-
(min 1)
» detail
Isi Kertas Luxe Cream
@ Rp 1.500,-
(min 100)
» detail
Paket Milk Box (soap + towel )
@ Rp 65.000,-
(min 30)
» detail
Blank Cards In Box - Brown Paper
@ Rp 12.000,-
(min 100)
» detail
Candy Can Tall
@ Rp 9.800,-
(min 100)
» detail
Gold Frame Thick (4R)
@ Rp 12.000,-
(min 100)
» detail
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Posted: 12/8/2012 1:39:17 PM #1 
hi my name is Vine Joyce . i just joined this website
i live in Aussie .
my boyfriend(the groom) is Indonesian, we are getting married next year in indonesia (jakarta)
we both live in Aussie
but we are in Indonesia now to prepare our wedding at least make sure the vendor we will choose .
his family said that The Luxus is okay for 600 pax marriage.
i need wedding organizer for our wedding next year on July.
may i ask for the price list? i need wedding organizer because we live aussie and need someone who will organize our marriage .
can you give the price list?
anyone can share to me about The Luxus? the location, the taste of their food, cauz i must know the place clearly
we want simple wedding
and i hope for the wedding vendor fluently in english speaking
please send your price list

email address : vineloveyou85@yahoo.com

thanks very much....
Posted: 12/9/2012 1:03:20 AM #2 
hi vine..my name is joy chandra from Ai Qing ( means True Love in english ) Entertainment & Wedding Organizer....i will send to you about our price list of our wedding organizer services to you..and about the luxus grand ballroom , that place so great & i`m married at the luxus too , oo yes about the food dont worry be happy because im the caterer too and im one of the vendor food & beverages there..so dont worry be happy , what all you need i can help you to find it...i will send our price list of WO to your email...ok?? please send my best regards to your husband to be / your groom...hehehe
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